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Book Rhonda to Speak

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7 ways in 7 days to becoming healthier in your life
7 proven strategies that will assist you in progressing in your life!
Transformation:  Learn how to find the right track by using some simple strategies toward creating healthy relationships while capturing your goals and dreams
Life lessons for Black women to becoming the best YOU!
15 proven strategies in building your confidence muscles
Transformation:  Each of the strategies will build on the next to start the process of finding yourself and being happy with who that person is.
A Healthy Family is a Happy Family
it started with our heritage
Transformation:  You will learn how to instill healthy habits and healthy values within your family to improve everyone’s self-esteem. Also, learn tips on how to enjoy parenthood and not just endure it!
Like fine wine, getting better & better with time
How to Navigate this second half with class

Transformation:  Learn to defy the programmed negative messages of old age. Learn some principles that will shift your perceptions about getting older by looking better. Aging gracefully, getting your sexy back, and getting your grove going … This is your time!

When you know better, you do better!
How to get Fired up to become Healthier & Happier

Transformation:  Check yourself before you wreck yourself, in this workshop you will learn some true actionable items that will transform your old ways of thinking to new thought processes that can become part of your everyday routine towards happiness.

Rhonda can customize workshops for your group. Just ask.
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