Rhon's Rant

  • I am soo tired of seeing so many of our young African American girls dressed like video vixen with too too tight outfits on and so out of shape they shouldn't be wearing some of those outfits.
  • I am so tired of seeing young black girls hanging out at fast food restaurants, eating junk food for breakfast and looking as if they could be mamas themselves and they are just 14 or 15 years old.
  • I am so tired of we as a people still talking about good hair and bad hair, light skin and dark skin -- and then we wonder why so many of our young girls have low self-esteem and start having babies by the first man that comes along and tell them they are pretty!
  • I am so tired of all this sistah hatin' among our young girls and African American women in general.
  • I am so tired of children disrespecting adults!

When are we going to stand up as a race and demand better? Better food, better stores in our neighborhoods, and better education.


Maya Angelou says... "When your parents know better, they should do better" Are we?

Rhonda's Proverb

If you feel good about yourself, it will show; other people will notice.They will either do one of two things ... try to change you, or be changed by you. You make the choice to either let people bring you down to their level, or raise them up to yours. It all starts with you.

You can change your situation right now, you decide.And if everyone would take a step or two up, we would raise our children up, they will in turn raise their children up, and so on and so on.With higher expectations per generation, you could change the world or change the way you look at it!

Are You Modelling The Right Behavior For The Healthier Version of You?

Do you eat breakfast every morning?

Do you snack on fruits/vegetables throughout the day?

Are you conscious about portion sizes? 

Do you drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water daily?

Are you physically active at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week?

Do you feel that you can forgo something sweet after each meal?

Do you eat a balanced meal during lunch? 

Do you know what a balanced meal should consist of?

Do you stay away from the morning pastries offered at work?

Do you eat sitting down the majority of time while savoring the taste of your food?

Do you tend to stay away from fast food joints on a regular basis?



Are you more concerned about your outer appearance ("Girl I just got my hair done, I can't sweat it out exercising") than what's going on inside your body? I'll leave you with that one! 

Love Rhon

Rhonda in action!

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