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Rhonda Thomas


 Hi, I'm Rhonda Thomas, President and health coach and I'd like to welcome you to "Rhonsway".  I have created my business to help enlighten and empower you by sharing motivating and personal advice on how to move from a way of thinking that is "reactive" to a lifestyle that is "proactive"

So come on board and learn why many people have come to realize that:

'Rhon's Way is the best way towards better health'

Rhon' s Way is a personal consulting business that specializes in communicating the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating delicious and nutritious food along with easy ways to incorporate exercise into your life.  Rhonsway offers tools to assist you in:

  • Obtaining a Healthy and Improved Lifestyle
  • Successful and Easy Food Planning
  • Dynamics of Helping our Children make Better Food Choices
  • Private Coaching opportunities towards your life goals

Rhonda in action!

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