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Lifestyle towards better health parties: You can invite family members, friends, and/or co-workers that may be interested in taking their health goals to the next level to a customized Rhonsway session. We can host sessions in the comfort of your home or your job's conference room! Other possibilities can include school settings, women retreats, mother and daughter event, showers, etc. We'll make it convenient for you!

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Family workshops towards better health: This is a fun enlightening 2 hour workshop for the entire family that will motivate them towards better health choices. This workshop will demonstrate better eating habits by understanding the differences in portion control. You will be given strategies to help reduce stress and explore the value of family time. Sample snacks will be provided.

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Group exercising sessions - Walking towards better health: This is a 2 hour session of stretching, walking, and conversing about better health.


Motivating Workshop for Women towards a Healthier, Sexier you!This is a fun 2 hour motivating presentation and workshop for groups of women who are interested in learning how to dress for their size and be confident in how they carry themselves while learning steps to take for a healthier body.


Shopping for health: (This can include a restaurant eating experience):This workshop should be in conjunction with “Clean out cabinet, de-clutter your life” program. An assessment will be taken beforehand to determine likes and dislikes. This two hour (three hours if combined with lunch) session is geared toward learning to buy healthier foods for you/family for better health. You will experience the grocery store like never before.

You will be chauffeured to three different shopping stores and learn strategies for buying foods that are healthy and reasonable for you and your family at each store. This program can also consist of a restaurant visit/discussion on eating healthy while dining out.

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Cooking and Preparing Foods in Your Kitchen. Let Rhonda show you how to prepare and cook delicious,nutritious meals for you and your family in the comforts of your home. (This program can be combined with the Healthy Shopping service).


Educate, Enlighten, Exercise & Empower:This 1 hour interactive presentation for kids/teens will build your child’s self-esteem in one session by teaching them healthy snacking ideas, good exercising habits they will enjoy (not just moving to find the remote control). Kids/teens will learn what are healthier food choices they could make. Your child also will leave understanding portion control and the benefits to staying healthy.


Clean out your Cabinets and learn to De-Clutter your Life: This is an individual 2 hour assessment and understanding of the foods that are in your cabinet/pantry and what should be eliminated for better health. You will be given suggestions on replacing the unhealthy foods for healthier versions.


Customized Motivational Movement Training:During this personalized session you will learn how to anatomically align your body frame so that you can obtain maximum benefits to relieve pressure in your knees, lower back, hips and joints.You will also reduce stress by understanding the connection of your breath to everyday movement.



Please call and inquire about putting the following series of “ Committed to A Better You” workshop topics together at your school for a reasonable rate.

  • Attitude Is Everything – how’s yours?
  • 7 ways in 7 days to change your life
  • Family Fun You Can’t Refuse
  • A Healthy Family is a Happy Family
  • What to Wear, when to Wear it and HOW to Wear it!
  • How To Get Hired And not Fired!
  • Picture perfect Weight Loss
  • Building a healthy self-esteem can change your families health.
  • Basic Etiquette workshop
  • Building a powerful P.A.C
  • Building confidence and self-esteem to turn boys to men.
  • 90. min. Cooking demonstration includes food give-a-way.








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