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This is an autobiographical view of Rhonda's weight loss issues and how she learned to overcome them. The book focuses on: self-esteem, exercise and making the best food choices for your body and lifestyle.

Paperback:119 pages

Publisher: Rhon's Way Inc. (2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0970221401

ISBN-13: 978-0970221407

Soul Combining for a Slimmer Healthier You
USD 13.95

The book is available by requesting here and by visiting:  Stream of Life, 754 E.82nd Street Chicago, IL

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Wow a real black woman on the cover showing her true self

I was completely shocked to see a black woman on the cover of a book showing her (big)before & after picture for the world to see. After seeing the picture and then reading the back cover of the book, I had to buy it. And wow I'm glad I did. This book was funny, truthful, and very enlightening. Rhonda was brutally honest. She touched on why we, as African Americans, struggle with our weight. She talks about how we can make changes in our Soul Food menu to make it more healthier for us. She has recipes, and a menu of foods on how she eats. She also gives you her story on Exercising. I also enjoyed the part on Self-Esteem and decided I will start to make changes in my life from this point forward I thought it was a very good honest book. She spoke to my entire being as an African American woman. Thank you Rhonda for your honesty! CC Atlanta, GA

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Finally, a common sense way to lose weight!!!!

I heard about a weight loss plan that took into account how the body handles foods like carbohydrates and proteins. The author has a straightforward but humorous way of breaking down any defenses you may have regarding the practice of food combining. The author also lists some excellent recipes involving staples such as chicken and rice in a way that taste absolutely 'fantastic'. It is a book that men and women of every culture can have fun with in combining their own native cuisines. I know that it works because I have followed the program for only two weeks and have lost over eight pounds. I did this without making any drastic changes to my lifestyle except for when I eat certain foods. I recommend this book to everyone trying to lose weight and keep it off. 'Five Stars and two thumbs up for Soul Combining!!!'

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